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Mens Underwear

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers or briefs? How about boxer briefs. For most men, the meaning of comfortable underwear starts and ends with those three. But the list of underwear shapes and styles available today is a mouth-wateringly long one — with literally dozens of options to pick from.  

While it’s true that boxer briefs are perfect for daily use, think of them more as a Swiss Army knife. They are good for a lot of things, but sometimes you’ll be better served by a more specialized item. Want to keep your balls warm and cosy through the chilly nights of winter? There’s a style for that. Want to run without the underwear crawling up and chafing your thighs? There’s a style for that. Want to impress your partner with some quirky underwear at Christmas? There’s a style for that too!  

The point is, that there are so many fun and crazy underwear styles out there, and you don’t have to settle for just one. Add some excitement to your life by getting a pair or a few today. So let’s not waste any time and let’s get it on. 

Pouch Underwear  

Some of the best-looking skivvies out there come with a pouch. There’s a good reason for that. Or rather two.  

The dedicated pouch can keep your package away from your thighs in an area of its own. Think of it as a play den for your snake. With the right material, this leaves enough room for your pet to breathe and relax throughout the day.  

But the second reason is where things get interesting. Pouch underwear does for your package what padded bras do for breasts: It lifts your assets and helps you pack more heat — or at least the appearance of it.  

Just don’t go overboard with the pouch size though. You don’t want to put a mouthwatering bulge on display only to have it disappear in a puff of disappointment as the underwear drops. 

Thermal Underwear  

Long underwear, long johns, and thermal underwear. All those names mean the same thing: a special style of underwear that acts as your second skin and keeps you warm through the chilliest of nights.  

The way it works is quite simple but often misunderstood. So let’s clear that up first. While insulation is a small part of what thermal underwear offers, that’s not what makes it tick. When sweat evaporates, it draws heat from your body, leaving you chilled to the bones. Thermal underwear works around it by wicking away the moisture before it even gets a chance to evaporate. Pretty neat, right?  

Thermal underwear covers the whole body. So not only do your balls and your future gazillions of kids stay warm, but your whole body stays cosy as well. 

Support Underwear  

Support underwear is a lifesaver for anyone with enlarged coconuts or an injury down there. But that doesn’t mean the average guy can’t get great value from it.  

Let’s face it. As we enter our wiser years, the dangly twins between our legs don’t exactly get any stronger. The more they sag, the lower they hang. Gravity was never their friend and it only gets brutal with time.  

That’s where support underwear can make a huge difference. It can give the boys the uplift they need so you can run around like a kid again — free of any discomfort or worries. 

Athletic Underwear  

Raise your hand if you can relate: During an intense workout, sometimes your dangly twins go nuts and start bouncing like a pinball.  

If your hand is up, you need to stop suffering through workouts in unfit undies. Working out is hard as it is. Don’t make it harder with cheap underwear.  

All you need is a pair of athletic underwear and your crown jewels will love you for it. The right pair will not only support your assets, but it will also keep everything fresh and breathable as it wicks the moisture away.  

The best athletic underwear for most people is a pair of boxer briefs made of Micro Modal. More on this later. 

Cooling Underwear  

Mention summer and you’ll hear people rave about the beaches, road trips, barbecues, and school vacations. But what about the angry insects, fussy kids, and that soul-sucking heat? Even if you love summer, your heat-hating sack is going to disagree. The whole point of two twins hanging outside your body is to keep them cool. But when summer strikes, that gets hard to do. That’s where cooling underwear swoops in to save both your family jewels and the gazillions of your future kids swimming in there. As a result, your balls feel relaxed, your sperm improves, and you get to beat the scrotal warming in uber comfort. 

Knit Underwear  

If you can’t stand people who wear knit sweaters, you should probably skip this one. Still here? Good. That’s because knit underwear is one of the most eye-catching skivvies you’ll ever get a chance to try. Sure, it’s not the most enticing thing out there. But hey, you’ll probably be the only guy bold enough to rock these quirky undies in bed. Heck, you could even keep the Christmas vibe going long past December with a pair of these bad boys. Knit underwear is a hidden gem in the world of men’s underwear. No doubt. Though we can’t say for sure if that’s a positive. 

Mesh Underwear  

Want to go bold but knitted undies aren’t your thing? A pair of mesh underwear is exactly what you’re looking for.  

Bold, sexy, and provocative — mesh underwear is as seductive as it’s breathable. With all those tiny holes in the fabric, your nuts will never run out of air. You’ll enjoy wearing it. Your partner will enjoy seeing it. How’s that for a win-win?  

That said, you should save it for intimate moments only as mesh underwear is far from practical for daily usage. You might as well just go commando. On second thought, ignore that and see what we have next on this list. 

Choosing one over the other is tough as hell. But do you have to pick just one? Nope. Not anymore. Imagine putting on a pair of boxer briefs that hug your nuts like a long-lost lover. But get this. Despite the smooth fabric cupping your assets, it feels like you’re wearing nothing. As if you’re standing butt-naked at the top of a cliff.  

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